Putting One Foot In Front Of the Other!

Putting One Foot In Front Of the Other!


I have been on an amazing journey; some of which I’ve planned and other instances that are outside of my control. This is the beauty of life, you can shape it the way you want.

Managing Twists and Turns

As I find myself moving through unchartered territory, I begin to realize how much I’ve grown through all of the twists and turns. It is amazing to see the progress and the fruits of my labor. It has not been easy, but what fun would that be? How would you know what you can do, if you didn’t have to work for it? How could you appreciate the sun, if there is no rain?  Be encouraged and remember that change is the only constant thing in life.

In The Moment 

With all of my personal and professional achievements, I am always thinking ahead. This is a good thing, but sometimes you have to be “in the moment”. I find it very hard at times because I am naturally energetic and really enjoy productivity. But, those quiet moments, are so very important and often fuels innovation and creativity.

Putting One Foot In Front Of the Other!

Often times, it may feel like you will not reach your goals. I am inspired by those that I like to call the “game changers”, who have demonstrated a strength, focus and dedication to getting what they want. When you are writing your own story, remember that everything takes time. Keep your head up and put one foot in front of the other towards your dreams.


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Juanita Johnson aka JUANITA is a passionate person who enjoys living life to the fullest and helping others. With a very diverse and creative background, JUANITA has been able to successfully utilize both her business and artistic skills as a stage performer and Marketing Specialist. She is the founder of Personify Enterprises and Personify Entertainment™. JUANITA is a sought after performer, speaker, and business consultant.

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